🧡 Wow - amazing Summer Special Offer 🧡
Book an online 1 hour Akashic Soul Reading for $99 (up to 6 questions) or 30 mins for $66 (for up to 3 questions)
You will also be given some extra guidance regarding your life lessons, past lives and soul message that you're needing to hear right now.
I love the magic of the Akashic Records because it's the highest vibration you can tap into - it is your souls story of every lifetime experience, thought and action you have ever had, recording the true essence of you. It's like a Cosmic computer which holds details and memories of every experience you have had on Earth, recording past lives, present potentials and future possibilities.
No one can access this information without your permission, and I am trained in the process of how to do this safely in a compassionate and inspiring way.
The Akashic Record Soul reading is where I'm able to tap into your souls life experiences, unlock your fears, anxieties, understand barriers, health issues, familial traits, talents and soul connections from past lives and why they are here for you now.
We can also focus on future direction, your purpose and gifts in a safe, fun and uplifting way. The Akashic records are a healing space where anything is possible and we can dramatically change our lives for the better.
For this reading I ask you to think of 3-6 questions (depending on which option you chose) that you would like information about.
Some examples of some questions are below:
🧡Can you tell me what my souls gifts and talents are from previous lives?
🧡What gifts will help me in this lifetime and what area is best for me to reach my highest potential?
🧡What qualities and attributes to I need to help me with my purpose right now?
🧡What are the soul relationships with (name partner, children, friends full names....) and what is the reason for their relationship in this lifetime?
🧡Why do I suffer from (name fear such as fear of the water, dark, public speaking, success, rejection, abandonment, intimacy etc?)
🧡Can you tell me where my patterns around (self sabotage, people pleasing, addictive behaviours, being a victim, helplessness etc) stem from and what can I do to assist them?
🧡My body has recurring health issues with (my back, knee, heart, headaches......) can you please tell me why there seems to be a blockage there?
🧡What was a lifetime where I was extremely happy, what was I doing?
🧡I seem to have a link with (list country or place) and would like to know why?
🧡My family have a history of (alcoholism, gambling, lack of money, cancer, violence) - can you please help me understand where it has stemmed from and help me to break this cycle?
🧡Any other question you may have relating to a relationship breakup, family issue that's left you wondering why, a recurring dream/nightmare or fear of trying something etc....
I will require your full name as it is now, not necessarily your birthname and I will ask you permission just prior to the reading to access your Akashic Records. There is a process I go through to open them and close them so everything is secured.
Payment is to be made into my bank account below prior to the session
Name: Box of Chocolates
Account Number: 06-0582-0372233-00
I can't wait to have this inspirational and feel good session with you - get in touch today to book your unique session by contacting Lisa on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Vouchers available if you wish to treat someone special for Christmas and valid for 3 months.
For testimonials check out my reviews page on Box of Chocolates FB page.
Lets get you feeling inspired and supported for 2022!

Exciting - this will be in the beautiful NEW Lotus Yoga Centre overlooking Kapiti Island

WHEN: Sun 20 Feb 2022 

WHERE: Lotus Yoga Centre - 91 Ruapehu Street, Paraparaumu

COST: $85 per person

LIMITED TO 8 places while distancing restrictions are in place, otherwise up to 20 people

You may have been curious about Silent Retreats or workshops for a while, well this is a wonderful taster to discover the huge benefits of taking some mindful time out for yourself.

In this busy world we live in, it can be hard to find time out for yourself to "just be" and switch off.  We are often reminded to practice mindfulness, but if you don't know where to start or what that encompasses, it can be confusing with all the choices out there.

It doesn't take long for stress to take hold of our minds and bodies and having some tools to cope, will help you to feel in control and focused on positive change.

Here is a beautiful chance to immerse yourself in a stunning natural sanctuary for a day dedicated to finding peace, serenity and clarity in your life.  The sanctuary is surrounded by lovely trees to make you feel life at ease, at peace and happy to be away from it all.

You will be guided in a fun, holistic way to bring out some zen magic and create space for you to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

The feel of the day will be light, zen and will awaken your senses with beautiful Ikebana floral arrangements, relaxing essential oil fragrances, and delicious healthy food/herbal teas to savour and share.

This Silent Retreat day will include:

 🌸Welcome Gift
🌸Creative mindful activities and guidance
🌸Tapping into your senses for living in the moment
🌸Chakra balancing and Colour Therapy
🌸 A variety of Meditation/visualisations
🌸 Healing Circles
🌸Time to Journal and "just be"
🌸Gentle Stretching & Breathwork
🌸Relaxing with some Aromatherapy and pure essential oil pampering

Your $85 will include a welcome gift, all activities and resources along with a platter of healthy snacks with Herbal Teas/coffee.   Please bring your own lunch (vegetarian only). 

You will love having this time out for yourself and every activity is optional, you can just lie down and relax or walk out in nature if you wish.  

We will do an introduction at the start of the day and then it will be silent throughout the day until we connect again and review our day at the end.  I will be guiding you throughout the day, but we will do things in silence as a chance to embrace stillness and give you moments of clarity.

To book your spot please RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and your placement will be confirmed once payment of $85 has been received into the account below:

Please make payment to:
Box of Chocolates
Account Number: 06-0582-0372233-00
Reference: Silent Retreat and your surname

The Facebook event page can be found HERE

I am passionate about empowering people to find the tools for stillness, peace and joy in their lives.  As a holistic Wellness Lifestyle Coach, Reiki Master, Akashic Soul Reader, Soulsister FITme FITcamp/Detox programmes, Happiness projects, Aromatherapy Consultant, and trained in Indian Head Massage, I love to bring out the best in people and for them to find harmony and bliss.  I run regular workshops, retreats and holistic events to help you "Live the Sweet Life" you desire and deserve.  To find out more you can check out the "My Story" tab on www,.boxofchocolates,co,nz 

I look forward to taking you on this beautiful zen journey of discovery!

Your Soulful Wellness Guide

Lisa Conroy


How would YOU love a weekend away in a cool beach house with 11 amazing ladies to play, explore, create, dream, imagine and visualise your beautiful life in 2022? The last two have been super amazing and I want you to enjoy even more awesomeness this time!
WHEN: 21-23rd January 2022
WHERE: Tora Coast "Cook Station" House - RD2 Martinborough, Wairarapa Coast
COST: $599 includes all meals, accommodation, art supplies, resources, welcome platter and drinks on arrival with gift pack
Treat yourself or come with a friend/sister/mum to receive an amazing gift of transformation, relaxation and inspiration for the new year.
This fun and holistic weekend retreat will help you zone in on what you'd like to manifest, find clarity and enjoy creating the tools to bring it to life!
You deserve to "live the sweet life", to feel abundant and supported in every way possible! I can't wait to spend this weekend with a group of amazing Soulsisters on the beautiful Tora Coast bringing magic and so much deliciousness to your life!
Fill out the ENQUIRY FORM HERE - To get an info pack contact Lisa on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and secure your spot today! $250 deposit required with payment plans available.
 This uplifting and revitalising retreat will include:
💜Abundance Mindset Manifesting and Life Review booster
💜Daily Movement to breath on the beach
💜Pyjama pamper party with facials, foot spas and lots of laughter
💜Creating your own abstract watercolour landscapes/seascapes
💜Make your own beautiful flower/nature hanging tiles
💜Reiki healing and balancing your Chakra energy
💜Meditation/Visualisation and mindfulness practises
💜Oracle Card inspiration and mindful journalling
💜Understanding the power of Crystal/flower Grids
💜Zen high tea and creating affirmation pictures/Zen stones
💜The magic of Passion Journalling to bring more inspiration into your life
💜Free time and much more to lift your mind, body and spirit in 2022 and beyond!
Join me for a delicious and inspiring fun-filled retreat weekend of relaxation in a tranquil country atmosphere opposite a beach on a lovely rural farm.
You will be taken on a journey of discovery, we will have time to explore the gorgeous natural landscape around us, socialise, have downtime, enjoy an inspiring creative workshops, support each other's dreams and most of all having enormous fun together!
As a holistic Lifestyle, Career and Wellness Empowerment coach, Reiki Master healer, Retreat Leader, FITcamp creator, Akashic Soul Reader, Indian Head Massage Practioner, colour enthusiast, wife and mother - you are in wonderful healing hands! I love providing a welcoming, safe and encouraging environment to boost your confidence, morale and have you sparkling inside and out!
To request an information pack please complete the registration form HERE and get in quick to secure your spot as only 11 spots and will sell out!
Check out the FB event page HERE
I can't wait to spend this weekend of soulfood with you!
Come and join us for a wild coast retreat adventure!
Your Wellness Guide
Lisa Conroy
Box of Chocolates
A delicious day to uplift and rejuvenate you and your life!
WHEN: Sat 24th April
TIME: 10am - 5pm
WHERE: Lotus Yoga Centre - 91 Paraparaumu
COST: $85 includes a delicious vegetarian lunch and goodie bag+ all resources + workshops 

I am over the moon with excitement to be launching a NEW and beautiful Wellness event called SANCTUARY - Wellbeing and Mini Market Retreat Day!

A day of Co-creation to find your own inner sanctuary and boost your mind, body and spirit through Holistic bliss!  On offer are wellbeing & empowerment sessions, creative activities, fun movement, healing and self-care rituals, meditation, journaling, crystal & flower grid creating, mini market and so much more.
This is a wonderful collaboration of amazingly gifted and heart centered Soulsisters all sharing their gifts, knowledge, wisdom and experience with you over a day to rejuvenate, inspire and uplift your life!
A chance to sample, delight, try and buy as you soak up your senses on every level on this day of deliciousness!
Lisa Conroy from Box of Chocolates will host the retreat, healing circles, crystal and flower grid workshop and run an empowerment session on "How to create your own sanctuary inside and out - Creating peace and inspiration in your life, body and environment"  
The day will also include 30 min sessions from the following Co-creators:
🌸 Corrina Shilling from Connect, Move, Laugh will be offering a session on movement to breath and fascia release
🌸 Tonia van den Bosh from Mindful Moon will be doing a session on a relaxation Shiatsu routine to help reset and balance the body and mind
🌸  Karen Laverde from Karen Laverde-Mind, body, Freedom will be doing a session on  “How to reduce anxiety, stress and overwhelm and design and create your life using Hypnotherapy visualisation”
🌸  Kathryn Grace from Fertility Potentials will be doing a session on the power of Bach Flowers and their healing essences to boost your health and wellbeing

🌸  Rosemary Nelson from Equate Aligned Environments will be doing a session on Autumn Feng Shui and how to enhance your life using the elements

🌸 Swan de Avio DaSilva of Za Za Zumba will be doing a mini taster and gentle zumba class to have us laughing and expressing ourselves deliciously 
 We will also have beautiful products at the mini market, including gorgeous ceramics from Cate Pates from Fig Tree Studios, awesome Crystals/cards and clearing products from Beth at Practical Magic, unique and funky Felt clothing and products from Swan de Avio DaSilva, stunning aromatherapy candles and holistic teas from Jo at Food for the Soul...and more!!
To book your spot contact Lisa at Box of Chocolates on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and all details will be sent to you.
To see the FB event page and find out more about this event and co-creators over the next few weeks - here is the event link 
Only 20 places are available - get in quick as it will sell out and we want you to reap all the rewards of this day of Soulfood!
We can't wait to spend this nurturing and uplifting day of inspiration with you!
Your Wellbeing Guide

Lisa Conroy
Director of Happiness
Box of Chocolates
027 5269224

Soulsisters Ignite Weekend Retreat - Inspiring wellness and healthy living inside and out!


WHEN: From 5pm Friday 2 October - 2pm Sunday 4 October

WHERE: Riverslea Retreat Centre, 733 Otaki Gorge Rd, RD 2 5582 Otaki

Limited to 25 places


Book your spot today by contacting Lisa on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and completing the registration form HERE




This is a chance to get away and recharge your mind, body and spirit in a wonderful holistic and healing way.  A weekend to ignite the passion, inspiration and spark within you to help you maximise your potential and feel amazing!

There will be some Soulsisters who will have just completed our 12 week Soulsisters FITme Wellness Programme, and this is the icing on the cake for them to reward themselves on their Wellbeing Journey.  However we have opened this retreat up to the public as we know how beneficial and life-changing our retreats are, and we want as many beautiful Soulsisters to experience this for yourself. 

Riverslea Retreat Centre is such a stunning, relaxing and calming sanctuary to escape to find some inner peace and inspiration..  It is a treasure trove in all seasons and there will be the cosiness of the open fires and freshness of the air to energise you in lots of different ways!  It is designed to maximise the views around you, so that you will feel at one with nature.  The sounds of the native birds surround you, while the Otaki river is only minutes walk away and will have you feeling relaxed and recharged in no time!

All meals are wholesome, vegetarian, fresh and super delicious - catered lovingly for us onsite.

Depending on the weather we are aiming to do a group walk in the local area, followed by some delicious pampering and wellness activities.

The workshops are designed to uplift, empower and revitalise your life to a new level that aligns with what you wish to create!

This inspiring and revitalizing weekend  is $400pp and will include:

♀️ Wellbeing Market Day - a chance to awaken your senses in every way by seeing and experiencing beautiful Wellbeing products and services, while having a chance to meet the makers, discuss the benefits, play with and buy anything that sings to you!

♀️ A group walk in nature in the local area catered to all fitness levels. 

♀️  Zen high tea infused with wonderful Japanese inspired treats, natural teas, mindfulness activities and a chance to find some zen time including making your own zen garden or natural mandala 

♀️  Group Sound healing session with Sharon Greally from Good Vibrations Sound Therapy along with the opportunity to have a personalised 1:1 session using sound healing bowls or tuning forks (individual sessions are an additional cost) 

♀️ Wellness & Creative themed workshops including making your own natural products - (full agenda will be sent out with details of each workshop closer to the time)

♀️ Group guided Meditation and healing circle time - along with own time to explore the area and find some quiet time within

♀️ We will do movement to breath each morning, followed by a healing circle and meditation.  We will practice various types of meditation - breathing, walking and visualisations.

♀️ Each person will have time to indulge in options of some massage or 1:1 Sound healing sessions (additional cost)

♀️ There will be a welcome gift pack and glass of bubbles/Mocktail on arrival

♀️ All nutritious meals will be included along with snacks 

♀️ All Holistic/Creative workshops are included along with the activities - everything is optional and we encourage you to do as much as you wish and to listen to your bodies needs

♀️ You will have some downtime to wander the property or just relax in front of the fire with a book or indulge in some pampering. 

♀️ A full programme will be sent to everyone prior to the retreat, along with gear list and key info. 

To book your spot on this uplifting wellness retreat, if you are not on our Soulful Sisterhood FITcamp programme already, please fill out the registration form by clicking HERE  - payment details are in the conditions on the registration form or see bottom of this page. 

Take a moment to check out the Riverslea Retreat Centre website here and the Facebook event page link HERE


Costs and Conditions:

The Retreat cost is $400 which includes 2 nights accommodation at the Riverslea Retreat Centre including all meals, snacks, activities and resources.  This can be paid in full at time of registration, otherwise a deposit of $150 is required to secure your place with the balance of $250 to be paid by 1 September.

Please make payments to:
Box of Chocolates
Account Number: 06-0582-0372233-00
Reference: Ignite and your surname

Please note: there will be no refunds given as set numbers need to be allocated, however if you are unable to attend you can swap your place with another person with prior notification.   If the retreat needs to be postponed due to Covid-19 or any other reason out of our control - all retreaters will be notified and have the option of the next date or credit towards another event/service.

Corrina and I can't wait to have you join us for this super delicious weekend of Wellness and inspiration.


Your Soulful Wellbeing Guides
Lisa Conroy and Corrina Shilling
Box of Chocolates