You're invited to Sweet & Sassy Soulpreneurs BREAKFAST CLUB
Our next Sweet & Sassy Soulpreneurs breakfast club is at the Southern Cross from 9am-11am on Wed 7 April.
Each month we will have a new topic and discussion, including some creative brainstorming, thought provoking questions and tasks to help you reach your true potential in a fun and holistic way. 
As a Sweet & Sassy Soulpreneur this will give you a chance to share your dreams, visions, goals with soulatude, challenges, gifts, interests and passions with a group focus to help you stay on track this year with your own personalk Sweet & Sassy cheerleader behind you all the way!

As a group, we will keep each other accountable and learn from each other’s experiences. 
In these times of change its a great opportunity to share ideas, inspiration and support each other on our journeys.
I can't wait to share some tools and discussions to help boost your lifestyle and wellbeing, and each month will cover a new topic. This meetings topic will be: CELEBRATING SELF-LOVE & EMBRACING THE PERSON YOU WERE BORN TO BE!
How amazing would it feel to start living the life that you were born to do, to feel inspired each day and have a purpose to strive for.
We can only do this when we believe that we are worthy of living an amazing life of joy, happiness, meaning and purpose!
It's a fantastic chance to review what's not working and to do something about it. To shake things up and fuel your energies into the direction that will boost your desires, confidence and empower you for change.
To help you on your journey you will learn to:
💙Understand what excuses are holding you back and look at stategies to take you from negative thoughts to empowering ones
💙Clarify what barriers are holding you back from following your beliefs and desires
💙Identify and release your fears for greater wellbeing and happiness
💙Create steps towards powerful shifts for positive change in your day to day life
💙Discover some tools to build momentum towards your living more authentically, with integrity, strength and flow
We have a shared discussion to help each other feel more aligned with what is important for you right now and support ideas for change.
I would love for you to come along and find some extra support and inspiration.
I guarantee you will walk away with some gold and a happy heart.
You are not expected to come every month, but if you are going to be a part of this group, it does require taking some action to maximise your potential and get you closer to the sweet life you desire.
The meetings are always sociable, friendly and inclusive where I will support you wherever you are on your journey with awesome tips and energy to share.
To book your spot of deliciousness you need to contact Lisa on lisa@boxofchocolates prior to the event and each session will be $35 which needs to be paid into the account below before the meetup to ensure you have the resources/tools for the session.
Bookings are essential to confirm numbers.
Please make payment to:
Box of Chocolates
Account Number: 06-0582-0372233-00
Reference: SASSY and your name
You will be able to order breakfast or a drink at your own cost while at this catchup.
Hope to see you there!
Your wellness guide and empowerment coach
Lisa Conroy
Box of Chocolates


Feedback from some people who have attended this group:

"Lisa puts so much effort into the planning and facilitation of these meetings.  I love the materials that she brings along and she is so great at encouraging us to use them at the best of our ability.  The contribution to her costs for running the group are well worth it!  I always walk away from these meetings feeling inspired and motivated to go forth into my fortnight.  I highly recommend coming along to one of these events.  All the other women are really welcoming.  We all have different passions and areas of focus which makes the mix even better because everyone brings their own insight to contribute." - Hannah 

" An excellent opportunity to meet with people who want to design an awesome life" Susi 

"Absolutely loved it! Really pleased I made the effort to attend.  The evening was thoughtfully, creatively and professionally put together by Lisa and attended by a wonderful group of women.  Plus a great venue!  I'm excited about attending further meetings. - Beau 


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